How We Have Helped

Beneficiaries speak of our crucial support

An Elderly GP's Widow

A GP's widow had been in residential care for seven years.  After a series of falls, she was unable to walk without assistance.  The home fees took all the widow's savings and she would have had
to move to less suitable accommodation.

The Cameron Fund provided a monthly grant towards the costs of the care home fees.

A relative writes, "we deeply appreciate the intervention of rhe Cameron Fund.  The financial support enabled her to stay in the Care Home where she was well-known and loved."

A Young Doctor

Three years ago, a young doctor was badly injured in a road traffic accident overseas, suffering
brain injury related fatigue and needing neuro-psychiatric treatment.

The Cameron Fund provided help with essential living expenses and later assisted with costs incurred in returning to work.

“The Cameron Fund has enabled me to slowly and gradually return to working as a GP, by facilitating a successful rehabilitation back to work following my head injury. They reimbursed my necessary return taxi fares to work whilst I was unable to drive, encouraged my professional development in financing the post graduate exam Applied Knowledge Test and offered to reimburse my defence union cover. Each of these gestures removed any potential hurdles in my return to work.”

A GP With a Sick Child

A mid-career GP, with a life partner on a low income, discovered that their daughter had a bilateral Wilm’s tumour.  They were told the treatment would take six months.  The GP had been unable to work since the couple received their daughter’s diagnosis.

The Cameron Fund made a contribution to living expenses while the couple cared for their daughter during the treatment period.

“Without your support, we would not have been able to pay our mortgage at a time when we needed to concentrate on our daughter.  It is wonderful now to see her looking and acting like a normal three year old.  She is regularly monitored by the renal team at Great Ormond Street Hospital.  I still work part-time to fit in with hospital appointments."

A Mature GP

After a marital breakdown, a GP with many years experience suffered loneliness and depression and became unwell, followed by bankruptcy and home repossession.

The Cameron Fund provided support with the cost of storing furniture, the deposit on
a bedsit, essential living expenses and also provided a loan for a second hand car needed
for a return to work.

“Eighteen months ago, I was unemployed, bankrupt, on jobseeker’s allowance and just about to be evicted from my home. The Cameron Fund gave me grants to renew my defence organisation membership and my GMC registration, contributed towards living expenses, loaned me the cost of buying a small car, paid for my furniture storage and the deposit on a bedsit, even travelling some seventy miles to deliver this last in person. I am now in full employment, living in a comfortable rented flat and financially securer than I could have thought possible. Without the Cameron Fund’s help, I would have quite honestly just given up.”

A Sick GP With a Family

A GP with two children developed a debilitating illness. The GP’s partner was wholly unsupportive and became abusive. Temporary accommodation was provided by the local authority, who continued to support the children.

The Cameron Fund initially provided a grant for living expenses. Later when the GP had obtained a joint residency order and was able to move to another house, to establish a home for the children, the Cameron Fund made a contribution to the cost of property repairs.

“From my first phone call to the Cameron Fund, I was treated by everyone with great warmth, kindness and efficiency. The regular monthly payments I received enabled me to provide a financially secure base for my family until my circumstances improved a little.
I feel the Cameron Fund is like having an extra family member who was concerned to help me through tough times. I will always be grateful not only for the financial help I received from the Cameron Fund, at an extremely difficult time in my life, but also for the way in which I and my family received emotional support and personalised assistance. The Cameron Fund helped me restore my sense of dignity and optimism that there was light at the end of the tunnel.”