Job Campaigning

There are five separate, though interrelated routes to finding a new job as illustrated in the list below:

Networking: 30%
Speculative: 25%
Adverts: 20%
Agencies: 15%
Internet: 10%

It is important to have a balanced job campaign to make sure you are tapping in to all of the potential opportunities. No one route is the magic answer. Maximise the number of opportunities by tapping in to them all.

As you can also see, networking has become the single most important route to job opportunities. Interestingly, it's also now viewed as the lowest risk way of recruiting. Networking means building up contacts and relationships with individuals who may have information or other contacts that will help you in your career and who also you may be useful to you at some stage in the future.

Family, friends, neighbours, colleagues (recent and previous) – and their family, friends, neighbours and colleagues – are all worth exploring. Remember that networking is a long term career tool not a short term expedient. Wherever you go and whatever you do in your future career(s) it is important to keep your networking going.