Keeping your new job

Academic research has suggested the ten most common practical tips to maximise your chances of success in your new job:

  • Make your learning curve as steep as possible – aim to understand as much about the business and your role as quickly as possible. As a GP you’ll be used to learning quickly, so should have a head start here.
  • Discuss what you need to achieve with your new boss and make sure that you both agree your objectives. If necessary negotiate.
  • Match your tactics to the environment – make sure you understand the situations facing you, particularly if you are working in a non medical environment, and make sure your responses are appropriate.
  • Achieve some quick wins – identify and make happen some visible achievements that you can point to as evidence of your new success.
  • Market yourself internally – working hard and effectively is important but you also need to start building your new internal network.
  • Align yourself – once you have worked out what the values and culture of the organisation are (which won’t necessarily be those of the NHS) then as far as you can align yourself to them.
  • Build your new relationships – whether as a leader or a team member make sure you build teams positively rather than damaging them.
  • Develop alliances – identify the people you readily and easily relate to and get them on your side.
  • Keep your balance – during major transition you can easily lose perspective and make some poor judgements. Make sure you keep listening and take good advice and counsel.
  • Help everybody – it doesn’t matter whether they are reporting to you, are your colleagues or your boss or your boss’s boss. Be positive and helpful to everybody. Employers like a ‘can do’ approach.

Remember too that starting a new job is a significant change and you’re likely to go through a number of emotional ups and downs – perhaps a honeymoon period when everything seems to be going well and then a down as some initial problem occurs. This is normal. Knowing this is likely to happen will hopefully help you work your way through and make a success of your new job.