What We Do

The GPs' Own Charity can Support you in Times of Need

We provide support to GPs and their dependants in times of financial need, whether through ill-health, disability, death or loss of employment.

We help those who are suffering from financial hardship and those who are facing it.

We contribute to essential living expenses, professional subscriptions and the costs retraining and getting back to work.

In association with a qualified Financial Advisor, we provide advice on maximising income, ensure that a beneficiary has access to all available State Benefits and is able to renegotiate the repayment of debts.

We are unable to maintain someone’s lifestyle, but we can help them adjust to their new circumstances and avoid undue hardship.

We strive to work within the Charity Commission guidelines on the prevention and relief
of poverty.

We work closely with other medical benevolent charities, which enables a more concerted
and appropriate response to be made to applicants who may qualify for consideration by other organisations.