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We are delighted that the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund has agreed to our providing links to their two Money Advice websites.

46th AGM held at 2016 LMC Conference

Thank you to all those who came to talk to us on the Cameron Fund stand during this year's LMC Conference. There were many familar faces and also those who wanted to find out more about the various ways we help GPs in crisis.

Once again, a fundraising collection took place during the Annual Conference Dinner and we are delighted to report that £5,589 was raised, once Gift Aid is added.

LMC Conference 19 & 20 May 2016

We will be at the Annual Conference of LMC Representatives on Thursday and Friday next week. Do come and visit our stand at the Mermaid Conference Centre. We would be pleased to tell you more abut our work and answer any questions you my have.

What's up Doc?

The Cameron Fund is only too aware that a high percentage of the GPs who come to us for financial help, are also experiencing a mental health problem such as depression or anxiety, or a mental condition such as bi-polar.  

Chairman's article published by GPonline

"I've been a Trustee for about 10 years, and in that time we've been able to help many GPs
and their dependents in real financial need, often through no fault of their own"

If you are registered at GPonline read: GP support: How the Cameron Fund can help GPs facing financial difficulties otherwise click here.

Looking after yourself, as well as the patient

From September - November 2015, Londonwide LMCs piloted a series of PHP Reflective Practice Masterclasses. Aimed to help build resilience, each GP took part in a session of their choice; Behavioual Change; Reflection; Mindfulness or Organisational Change.  With a total attendance of 98 (some were repeat attendees returning for a different session), 62% rated the workshops as Excellent or Good.

50th Anniversary of the GP contract

In the early 1960s, general practice was in dire straits. The 1966 GP Contract, negotiated by a team led by Sir James Cameron, brought in staff reimbursement, premises costs and the cost-plus contract, and paved the way for much of the developments in General Practice in the subsequent decades. 

Sir James Cameron also successfully negotiated a top slice of GP funds (previously for premises and not to be returned to the Treasury) be used to set up a charitable fund for GPs in difficulties - the Fund subsequently named after him.  

We'd like to say a huge thank you to LMCs!

We are delighted to report that donations from Local Medical Committees in 2015 reached £121,400, which represented over a third of the Fund's total income. Thank you to all the LMCs
who supported us last year, this made a huge difference to our work.  All those LMCs who kindly supported the Cameron Fund last year, are listed here

The GPs we helped in 2015

The Fund received 144 new applications for assistance during the year from working aged GPs, retired GPs or dependents of GPs.  These were either referrals from Local Medical Committees and other organisations, or directly from individuals.  Grants and loans to the value of £322,201 were authorised in 2015, over £2,600 more than in the previous year.  The number of beneficiaries receiving financial support rose to 196.

NEW in 2016!

The Cameron Fund, in association, with BMA Law is offering a series of partnership clinics early
in 2016.

If you need advice with a partnership matter CLICK HERE for further information. 

OR if you are aware of a practice in difficulties in your area, please send a link, to our Partnership Clinics flyer, to one of the GP Partners or the Practice Manager.