We're working towards being GDPR compliant

From 25 May this year the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply and will impact on many areas of the Fund's work. 

It will introduce a wide-ranging and significant changes to UK data protection legistlastion, which governs the way in which organisations collect, use and process personal data. 

The Cameron Fund has three data subject groups: Applicants/Beneficaries, Donors and Members and we will need a record of evidence to demontrate complience with GDPR for each data subject, in each area of the Fund's activities, is a necessary requirement. 

In essence, individuals should know what an organisation is handling their personal information and with whom it will be shared.  This legal obligation will bring transparency and honesty about how their data will be used. 

Our Data Processing Statement is now available to refer to, as a guide to why we need to ask for certain data, how and why we store this data and how we will be introducing Data Sharing Agreements with those we already work closly with.

An updated version of the Fund's Privacy and Confidentially Statement is also available.