Guaranteed Loans

Loans For Living Expenses While You Retrain.

We receive an increasing number of requests for assistance from GPs experiencing financial hardship during re-training. In response, we have reserved a sum of money that can be used for the provision of guaranteed interest-free loans to GPs to meet living expenses during re-training. Repayments from these loans will be used to finance further similar loans in the future.

Loans from this scheme are available to GPs who are undergoing re-training and are subject to the following conditions:

  • Completion of our application form, available from our web site, and the provision of supporting documentation;
  • Demonstration of lack of resources to meet essential living expenses;
  • Agreement to individually assessed repayment terms;
  • Finding a guarantor with sufficient resources to meet repayments in the event of default and both applicant and guarantor signing a legally-binding loan agreement;
  • Successful completion of all parts of the Induction and Returner entry assessment and acceptance for supervision by an approved Educational Supervisor or successful completion of equivalent assessment and supervision schemes where applicable.

GPs seeking a loan should complete our application form and send it with supporting documentation to:

The Cameron Fund
Tavistock House North
Tavistock Square

Note: The maximum value of an individual loan is £15,000 and loans are limited to one per household. The Cameron Fund reserves the right to refuse a request for a guaranteed loan if conditions are not fully met and/or if there are not sufficient funds available.